Tourist attractions

There are not many places in Poland like Pomerania. Its magic is the sound of the Baltic waves, the beauty of the landscapes and the taste of fish specialties. In Wladyslawowo and the area of the Hel Peninsula it is impossible to get bored. The most interesting attractions in the area include, among others:

 WLADYSLAWOWO - Fisherman's House 
This monumental building in the style of socialist realism from the fifties of the last century, was built as a hotel for fishermen. Its tall, slender tower is a landmark of Wladyslawowo. Today the Fisherman's House is the seat of the city. On the first floor you can explore the marine exhibition of Leon Goll's sculptures and photographs dedicated to the city of the past and present. The building is located at the fishing port of the 1930s.  The tower is an excellent viewpoint of the Puck Bay, Hel Peninsula and the cliffs up to Rozewo. The observation deck is at a height of 45 meters.

Sports Centre
OPO "CETNIEWO" is a modern sports and leisure and conference centre, located in a park right by the sea. It meets all the requirements for sports and leisure compounds, with facilities for the disabled. We especially recommend the indoor swimming pools during inclement weather. 

Clean, safe, wide beach in Wladyslawowo  In Wladyslawowo there are 23km of beaches, their diversion - from beaches reinforced with piles on the peninsula to Cape Rozewie stone beaches - confirms the uniqueness of these places. However, the main baths areas are the wide beaches with fine white sand without stones. During summer, these places come alive with the sunrise. During the day, enjoy guarded swimming areas, water slides, "banana" or scooter rides and a beach ball game. After sunset the attractions are numerous artistic performances, discos, pubs and dreamy strollers.

Wladyslawowo Ocean Park is the exhibition of mammals and fish from the depths of the oceans and seas. Natural animal sizes make a big impression. You can see, among others, whales, sharks, giant turtles, dolphins and orcas. By visiting Wladyslawowo Ocean Park you can increase your knowledge about the mammals from the depths of the ocean, the history and living conditions of the animals are also presented.
  Additionally, while exploring the exhibits more attractions await: treasure island, water playground, storm on the grass and archaeological excavations. 

Hel Seal Sanctuary
Seal Sanctuary is part of the Marine Station. It is a research institution belonging to the Institute of Oceanography, University of Gdansk, where the project of restoration and protection of the colony of gray seals in the Southern Baltic Sea is executed. The whole project has its origins in 1992, when on the beach in Jurata a young male gray seal was found. Since then, the station staff conduct research, save sick seals and prepare education activities for the public.  You can also visit the exhibition "The Mammals of our sea."

Practical Information 
Seal Sanctuary is open year round and there is no need to make a reservation. Opening times depend on the season (between 9:00 and 18:00). Entry is payable: 2 PLN (seal nursery) + 2 PLN (exhibition). Feeding seals is held:
 - throughout the year at 11:00 and 14:00 
- in the high season (July-August) at 11:00 am, 14 : 00 and 17:00 
There are many other attractions that our staff can recommend you at your arrival.